frescopet deodorant collar tagFrescopet came into existence as a simple idea back in 1995 when brothers Jorge and Albert started experimenting with home-made inventions for keeping pets smelling fresh in between baths and groomings.

Pet owners themselves, the brothers knew that simply using perfume or cologne didn’t work. After a good amount of trial & error and no small amount of grace, the brothers found a flexible material that could be molded into any shape and infused with non-toxic scents to be released over time using the body heat of the pet itself.

Their first design used this material to make an entire scented pet collar – but this proved to be impractical in practice. Prototype after prototype, the idea was further refined and perfected until many models {and years} later the original FrescoPet deodorant collar tag was born.

The family got to work – Jorge concentrated on making the molds while Albert set out to patent their idea. Their sister Isabel was recruited to design the packaging and website.

Unfortunately, tragedy would strike in summer of 2006, when Jorge passed away unexpectedly due to injuries from a car accident. After a latent period, Albert & Isabel decided the best way to honor all the hard work Jorge put into FrescoPet was to rededicate themselves to the business.

The entire project took on a whole new life as FrescoPet got a makeover. Several drastic improvements were made:

• The material used to make the FrescoPet collars tags was changed to an environmentally friendly soy bean derived material.

• The fragrance was upgraded to include proprietary patented scent technology that doesn’t just mask pet odor, it actively targets pet odor molecules and breaks them apart

• The packaging was updated with a fresh, modern look and our zen dog mascot was born.

While Jorge is no longer with us, Albert and Isabel continue on with FrescoPet in his memory.