Fur Refresh 4 oz.


+ Completely refreshes and conditions fur.

+ Eliminates odor by destroying it at the molecular level.

+ Use in between baths & groomings for perfectly clean smelling pet.

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Get ready for a Fresh Smelling Revolution that SAVES YOU MONEY!

+ Our Fur Refresh Spray conditions fur and odor eliminates so well, you can use it to safely extend the time between your pet’s grooming sessions, leaving more money to spend on your furbaby’s favorite treats!

WHAT IT IS: A conditioning and odor eliminating fur refreshing spray that easily keeps your pet smelling fresh and feeling soft in between baths and groomings.

HOW TO USE IT: There are several ways to use this product:

For a quick application, spray 1-3 pumps into your hand then massage onto your pets fur and let dry.

For a more thorough application, repeat this process 1-3 times then brush and dry your pets fur for a ridiculously soft and fresh smelling furbaby.

As a fur conditioner, use this product right after giving your pet a bath to condition your pet’s fur.

SUPER TIP: Spray on a fragrance free hypoallergenic baby wipe and use as a bum wipe for your pet 🙂

Do not spray directly onto your pet to avoid getting product in eyes or other sensitive areas like the nose. Best to spray on your hands then lovingly apply onto your pet. Follow the directions on the bottle.

*MANAKO: Refreshing Tropical Scent
*KINABALU: Fresh Mountain Air Scent

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