Mixed 6-Pack Odor Control Collar Tags


Our body-heat-activated, odor-neutralizing collar tags will have your pet smelling amazing in a matter of minutes. This mixed pack comes with 3 of each fragrance, just pick your size!

Available in two sizes:
• Med/Large (for collars with buckles up to 1 1/4” inch wide)
• Small (for collars with buckles up to 3/4” inch wide”) 

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What they smell like:

* Our Manako fragrance is a refreshing tropical scent that will leave you wondering where your piña colada is. Named after the Hawaiian word for mango, hints of mango, coconut, and pineapple evoke memories of fruity beach cocktails and all things lush and tropical.

Our Kinabalu fragrance is a fresh fragrance smelling of brisk cool mountain air, fresh linens, and fluffy white clouds. Named after the highest mountain in the Malaysian state of Sabah, our Kinabalu fragrance is so airy and light one whiff of this fresh scent will transport you to this tall peak, where only the purest air is found!

How does it work: FrescoPet’s magic comes from its smart fragrances, designed to seek out pet odor molecules and alter their structure, rendering them inert and your pet odor free. Our special fragrances are specially made for pets sensitive noses. They are smart, not overpowering!

What else you need to know: Comes with 3 of each fragrance. Each can last up to 30 days. Replace when needed.

Easy to use: Simply afix onto your pet’s regular collar. Our fragrant collar tags are designed to stretch and flex over buckles and clasps. The tight fit ensures your pet cannot remove it. For easy removal, snip tag off with scissors. Make sure FrescoPet logo is facing out on the collar. For use on regular pet collars only – do not use on training or flea collars.

Easy Tip: For optimal pet freshness, place your FrescoPet on your pets collar so that it sits centered on the back of your pets neck, with the logo facing out and within easy access of your nose 🙂

Other important stuff to know:

  • FrescoPet is waterproof – the tags can get wet without affecting the fragrance.
  • Our tags are made from environmentally friendly soy.
  • Store unused FrescoPet in original packaging in a cool, dark place to preserve fragrance until ready to use.

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