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Have an indoor pet but don’t want your home to smell like it? Let our Home Refresh handle that for you! Our Home Refresh spray completely eliminates pet odor – it’s MADE STRONG – your home (and guests) will thank you for it.

+ Completely eliminates pet odor & refreshes your home & car

+ Eliminates odor by destroying it at the molecular level using our proprietary Smart Fragrance technology.


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The most powerful answer to lingering pet odor in rooms or on furniture available in the market today. Our Home Refresh will not only provide lasting freshness to any area your pet frequents, it will completely eliminate any pet odor residing there. Only 1-3 pumps are needed – this stuff is MADE STRONG. 

WHAT IT IS: A very strong room refreshing & odor eliminating spray that WORKS to eliminate pet odor and LASTS for days.

HOW TO USE IT: There are several ways to use this product:

For general room refreshing, spray 1-2 pumps into air to freshen room.

To freshen a specific area your pet frequents, such as pet beds, crates, car seats, couch, etc., spray 1-2 pumps directly on that area. Always test fabric or material before use to ensure staining will not occur.

NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY ON PETS. Intended to refresh rooms & pet stuff – for pet freshening check out our Fur Refresh & Collar Tags.

*MANAKO: Refreshing Tropical Scent
*KINABALU: Fresh Mountain Air Scent

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