What is FrescoPet?

frescopet-frequently-asked-questionsFrescoPet is a one stop shop for pet owners who like to keep their pets & homes smelling fresh.  We are best known for our line of deodorant odor control collar tags, which are infused with a special patented smart fragrance that specifically targets pet odor molecules and breaks them apart, leaving behind a clean fresh scent. They are perfect to use in between groomings and keep your pet smelling fresh day after day. We also have a complementary line of products all designed to keep your pet and home smelling great.

How long do FrescoPet Odor Control Collar Tags last?  Our odor control collar tags are infused with fragrance to last up to a month, however, pet owners frequently change them every 1-2 weeks.

How do I use FrescoPet Odor Control Collar TagsFrescoPet odor control collar tags are made to easily slide onto your pet’s existing collar (see size constraints below). The collar tag can stretch over larger buckles and clasps.

Will FrescoPet’s Odor Control Collar Tags fit my pet’s collar? FrescoPet comes in two sizes to fit most collars:

  • Small (for collars with buckles up to 3/4″ wide)
  • Med/Large (for collars with buckles up to 1-1/4″ wide)

What advantages does FrescoPet’s Smart Fragrance have over conventional dog perfumes?

  • Our Smart Fragrances don’t mask doggie odor – our special, patented fragrances break apart pet odor at the molecular level, leaving behind a truly clean & fresh scent.
  • Our Smart Fragrances outlast perfumes by days and weeks in some cases
  • Our Smart Fragrances were made with a pets delicate nose & skin in mind – it does not irritate the skin and eyes of the pet like some perfumes may
  • Our Smart Fragrance infused Odor Control Collar Tags will not fade away if the tag gets wet.
  • Our Smart Fragrance will not change once in contact with your pet.
    • Colognes and perfumes can sometimes morph into disagreeable scents over time once sprayed onto your pet. This is simply not an issue with our Smart Fragrances.

Is FrescoPet safe for my dog? Yes. FrescoPet Odor Control Collar Tags do not contain hazardous chemicals such as those found in flea collars. Our fragrances are made using only ingredients on the EPA’s approved fragrance ingredient list. The fragrance level is at the ‘just right’ level to provide a fragrant effect.

Where is FrescoPet made? FrescoPet is 100% made in the USA. Not only does our manufacturing take place in the USA, but all of our raw materials – every component of FrescoPet from packaging to fragrance – is made and sourced from the USA. We are 100% domestic, and proud of it!

Will FrescoPet Odor Control Collar Tags hurt my pet? No. FrescoPet is made of an environmentally friendly soy resin. It is very soft and flexible, yet extremely durable. It can be easily attached and removed from your pets collar. Our fragrances are made using only ingredients on the EPA’s approved fragrance ingredient list. The fragrance level is at the ‘just right’ level to provide a deodorant effect.

What are my shipping options? For domestic orders within the USA, we offer Priority Mail shipping. At the moment we do not sell FrescoPet directly to customers outside of the USA. Contact us to see if a local distributor or pet shop near you is carrying FrescoPet.

What are my payment options? We use Paypal & Pay with Amazon to process our orders. Paypal accepts all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), as well as eChecks and bank transfers. You do not need a Paypal account to pay with Paypal. Using Pay with Amazon is easy and convenient – simply choose this option at checkout and login to your Amazon account as usual and follow the prompts.